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Boost your tax savings


A tax depreciation schedule is a report prepared by a qualified quantity surveyor.

It can help you maximise the tax benefits of owning residential and commercial investment property in accordance with Australian taxation legislation.

Over time, your investment property and its fittings incur wear and tear. The cost of this wear and tear is called depreciation. Depreciation of your investment property is the amount the Australian Tax Office (ATO) allows you to claim as a deduction against your taxable income.

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Confidently negotiate with agents and potential buyers.

An independent PropertyDuo property research report provides market information and a value assessment of a specific property, based on real-time market conditions and reliable data.

Buying and selling property successfully rests on an ability to manage expectations and make well-informed, realistic decisions about what price to buy or sell for.

A property research report will provide you with data and insights to help you do this with confidence and maximise outcomes.

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Sell your property knowing how much it’s worth.


Managing risk and increasing chances of selling
Comprehensive analysis to avoid over-pricing
Independent and Fair-market valuation

Outsource your property management to the experts.

When you’ve successfully secured yourself an investment property, the next step is to decide who will manage it. Savvy investors understand that paying an expert to manage their property delivers benefits that far outweigh the monthly cost.

PropertyDuo’s property management service will save you precious time and help ensure you maximise your property’s potential for capital appreciation and returns. We keep your interests central to our processes and aim to work behind the scenes with as little intrusion in your life as possible, allowing you more time and headspace for other pursuits.

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Get all the advice, knowledge, support and data you need to make smart big-picture decisions.

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Our property associates can assist you in selecting the right agent and negotiate rates and fees to secure you the best financial outcome.

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