Commercial property is a complex asset

Commercial property, whether it be retail, office or industrial, comes with potentially greater rewards and risks compared to residential property.

Whether you are looking to invest in commercial property or looking for a premises to occupy, PropertyDuo will help you make an informed decision and select an asset that matches your investment strategy or business needs.

Our expert advisors understand the market drivers and cycles of the commercial property sector. If you want high rent yielding, high capital growth – or a mix of both – we are the partner to help you secure a property that aligns with your investment goals.

With our extensive industry knowledge and networks, we have access to not only publicly listed properties, but also ‘off market’ opportunities. We partner with you to provide a full service that includes the search, inspect, evaluate, negotiate and handover to a managing agent.

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Investing in commercial property

benefits_icon The benefits:

  • Long leasing covenants – typically three, five or ten years
  • High yield
  • Fixed or CPI annual increases
  • Tenants meet the cost of all outgoings, including land tax if the tenant is publicly listed, and
  • Securing tenants that take pride in the property, ensuring it is maintained and presentable.

 The risks:

  • Less predictable than residential property
  • Potential for longer vacancy periods
  • Potential poor resale for specialised asset, and
  • The influence of economic factors such as unemployment and consumer confidence.

 Top tip: the importance of location

The type of commercial asset you purchase should be strategically located, paying particular attention to zoning restrictions that govern the site’s potential highest and best use. Also take into the consideration the development potential of both the site and the building in instances where the current use is no longer viable.

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