Median house prices edging closer to the magical $1 Million

Written by: Greville Pabst, Executive Chairman of WBP Group If you ask the average planner, our population is expected to reach 8 million by 2050. But, planners are usually conservative. I believe we will hit this target much quicker and Melbourne is attracting the lion’s share of migrants. We [...]

The market for property under $750k remains strong

Written by: Greville Pabst, Executive Chairman of WBP Group What is clear is that the market for property under $750k is in very strong demand amongst first home buyers. This group currently represents only 15 % of our market but government stamp duty changes and grants have made this sector [...]

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How to choose the right suburb to buy in

While there’s no one answer, there is a well-tested formula for success, according to WBP Property Group executive chairman Greville Pabst, who has 30 years’ experience as a valuer and agent. Pabst says many factors go into selecting a suburb, but regardless of which state or territory buyers are [...]

Buying small can pay off big in the property game

WBP Property Group executive chairman Greville Pabst said the price growth reflected the demand for inner city land, which typically offered two-bedroom homes. “The four bedrooms are more for families and you don’t really have those in the inner city areas,Land appreciates and those two-bedroom cottages are sitting on [...]

Ups and downs of apartment buying

Industry experts say buying an apartment, to live in or as an investment, is essentially the same as buying a freestanding home. But there are apartment-specific “rules of engagement” buyers should understand. WBP Property Group executive chairman Greville Pabst — who has 30 years’ experience as a valuer and [...]

Victorian first-home buyers: stamp duty changes

A range of measures aimed at helping struggling homebuyers break into Victoria’s relentlessly competitive property market were unveiled by the State Government on Sunday. But increased competition could quickly push up prices in the sub-$750,000 bracket, erasing the benefit of any concessions, experts say. WBP Property Group chairman Greville [...]

The types of properties that the banks would prefer not to lend money for

The exact square-meterage is up for debate, but most property advisors say a very small apartment will have the banks concerned. “Each bank varies, but 40 square metres can be a cut off for many,” Greville Pabst, head of property advisory WBP Property Group, says. “Because they’re really small, therefore their [...]

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