Buying, Selling and consumer habits of the Property Market

As interest rates remain at record lows and the property market starts to cool, buyers, sellers and spectators are all finding themselves bombarded by information overload. As the playing field levels out, buyers and sellers need to adjust their expectations and learn how to adapt to changing consumer habits. [...]

Preparing your home for a summer sale

Summer officially starts this week which means there are only a few weeks for buyers to secure a home before the year’s end. With the large number of properties currently on the market, there are a few things you can do as a seller to make sure your property [...]

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How to prepare for a pass-in

We have seen lots of properties sold under the hammer, but coming into the final weeks of 2017 we have entered a different market that puts buyers in an ideal position. With plenty of stock to choose from, this could lead to more pass-ins at auction. Vendors need to [...]

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The value of a Valuation

If you’re in the real estate market, knowing how to estimate a property’s value may mean the difference between buying a property and making a great investment. Between real estate agents and media speculation, there’s a lot of conflicting advice and vested interests. The truth is, there’s big differences [...]

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Are you eligible for a First Home Owners Grant?

Taking the plunge into homeownership is a thrilling but stressful ride. In the face of rising house prices and cashed up investors, getting your foot in the market isn’t easy. To get you a home sooner, the Victorian First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) is giving first home buyers $10,000 if [...]

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Shortlisting properties and coming up with a plan to avoid disappointment

Buying a property is very time consuming and you can spend hours on various property sites, looking for your next house to either live or invest in. Once you have found a house or apartment you find interesting with the attributes you’re looking for, it is imperative to spend [...]

Tips to avoid missing out at auctions

It’s a competitive market and it’s incredibly disappointing to miss out a property that you’ve fallen for. We’re seeing auctions passed in each weekend and a steady increase of sales prior to auction – a sign of the competiveness out there to secure a property. We’ve shared some tips [...]

The Psychology of Buying Property

We all know the mind works in funny ways but when it comes to buying property it can seem outright whacky. Here's a list of some of the strangest habits when it comes to property and the psychology behind them. Sensory sensitivity colours emotions Our perception is derived from the [...]

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Top tips before you ‘spring’ into action

Melbourne’s residential property market has created wealth for many astute homeowners and investors in recent years with figures revealing 35 consecutive quarters of growth during the most recent cycle, representing an increase of more than 42% to the median dwelling price in Melbourne. However, the diverse landscape of Melbourne’s housing [...]

Negotiating for success when a property passes in

Despite strong demand it’s not uncommon for a portion of properties to pass in at auction. Reasons can range from poor interest in a property or unrealistic price expectations, to the timing of the auction relative to other key events, among others. Irrespective of the reason, it doesn't necessarily spell [...]